I am a Berlin based artist with a focus on design for concepts in film, theatre, fashion, and performance. I believe in the idea of the β€œGesamtkunstwerk” as a guiding principle, the complete work of art, in which creative crafts and disciplines come together to create something bigger than the sum of its parts. I am dedicated to the different processes of material exploration, experimentation and scientific and literary research which inform the work I make. Having spent a large amount of my childhood growing up in my mother's veterinary clinic for reptiles and exotic pets, much of my work channels my love and fascination for nature forms, processes of growth and evolutionary synthesis. I enjoy combining the poetics of my creative concepts with the hands on process of material research and the project work style of collaborations with other artists. 

I have steeped myself in art, music and theatre as long as I can remember, never missing a chance to dive in a dumpster for an exciting new gem, or build an outrageous costume for a performance opportunity. Some of the most recent of these exploits include five years spent in the sculpture program at the Rhode Island School of Design and working on and designing myriads of plays, shows and performances around the city of Providence. Different projects and jobs have brought me from Shakespeare in the Berkshires to New York Fashion Week, and I look forward to continuing my adventure in Berlin, Germany, starting this summer!

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