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Parasite/gHost is a project combining body prosthetics, dance, music, and video. My goal was to translate across the barrier of the skin, from invisible, psychological world to the physically manifested landscape of the body. As visual and conceptual references, I used parasitic and symbiotic relationships in nature. 
I had the pleasure to collaborate with four dancers from Providence, Rhode Island, with whom I collaboratively devised a choreography based on the personal and physical experience of the prosthetics, as well as on the original music composed by Niels Poensgen. The process of this collaboration resolution in a gallery show, a video, and a live performance, each combining the various elements of the process and collaboration in different ways. 


Show at Woods Gerry House in Providence

Parasite/gHost Production Team:

Artistic Director and Prosthetics Designer: Zoe Lohmann
Dancer/Choreographer: Sarah Halpin
Dancer/Choreographer: Mary Langlois
Dancer/Choreographer: Allie Smith
Dancer/Choreographer: Jennifer Tilley
Composer/Director of Music: Niels Poensgen
Director of Photography/Camera: Xixikiwii Qi
Gaffer/Camera: Ben Duff
Assistant Director of Photography/Camera: Eloise Sherrid
Hair & Makeup: Alexandra Pizzuti & Chaz Aracil