"Spectral Cell" Collection with Designer Chaz Aracil

New York Fashion Week Spring 2016

Pieces featuring the sculptural textile collaboration between designer Chaz Aracil and myself, shown at Angel Orensanz Foundation

Providence Style Week Fall 2015

The product of a year long collaboration between Designer Chaz Aracil and myself is featured in four looks in the collection "Spectral Cell"  which wast most recently shown at New York Fashion Week in February 2016, and  Providence Style Week in September 2015. After months of experimentation and collaborative sessions, we developed a cast rubber textile to reflect the conceptual and visual narrative throughout the collection on a textural and sculptural plain. Each one a unique creation, stemming from the combination of both our design and craft based skill sets, these pieces transcend the boundaries between sculpture and fashion, fiction and reality.

Find out more about Chaz at: www.chazaracil.com